Year End Sale for Hiking Tools

When purchasing new camping gear, quality is important, but so is the price. You don’t want a flimsy product and you don’t want to pay top dollar if you don’t have to. So rather than punt a new gear purchase down the road indefinitely, or worse, compromising on quality to satisfy your budget, we suggest checking out a few of these discount outdoor gear sites first.

Overhead view of backpacking gear laid out on the floor.

Whether it’s overstocked items, out-of-season gear, or last year’s colorways, these sites connect consumers with camping gear from top-of-the-line brands – but at steeply discounted prices.

Even if it’s “last year’s color”, a Patagonia shirt is still a Patagonia shirt. An MSR tent is still an MSR tent. You are still getting top-quality gear, just not at top dollar prices.